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The Independent Learning Center is an innovative district choice high school designed around Big Picture Learning distinguishers of interest-driven and personalized learning supported in real world contexts. A core objective of this design is to develop self-directed learners highly capable of navigating systems, defining their work in complex contexts, thinking critically, and collaborating. The ILC is authorized by the Washington State Board of Education (SBE) to graduate students based on mastery of competencies rather than credits, and the competencies herein are aligned with Common Core State Standards and admissions expectations of selective baccalaureate colleges in Washington and nationally. The competencies are clustered within six interdisciplinary Learning Goals representing the skills, core knowledge, and attributes of effective learners prepared for college and career.

Referred to as a “trampoline that provides a launchpad for every student”, the ILC is a school that:

  • Transitioned from a traditional approach associated with content-driven classrooms to a human-centered approach.
  • Encourages students to “leave to learn”.
  • Blurs the lines between education and the real world.
  • Empowers every student to act with purpose and passion.

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Jalen Luvon-Class of 2024

Jalen Luvon
Congratulations and Good Luck!

Edelweiss Schuttner
Edelweiss Schuttner-Class of 2024

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Kayden Clapp-Class of 2024

What are your plans after the ILC?
After graduation, I plan on taking a year to focus on myself and work: building a foundation for my next stage in my life. Applying to Evergreen State College for 2025 to study human behavioral science and potentially working towards a teaching certificate.
Where do you imagine yourself in 7 years?
In 7 years I hope to have graduated from Evergreen living a slow simple life. I would love to be living in a small community, eating fresh fruit sitting on my balcony with my cat. Following my passions with pure intent.
Good luck!

Ila Newman-Class of 2024

What are your plans after the ILC?
My plan is to take a gap year and ski patrol at Mt Snoqualmie and do some traveling/backpacking in the southwest. After that I'll decide to go to Fairhaven College at Western Washington University or not!
Any advice for the younger students?
Have as much kindness and compassion as you can for yourself and others. We're all on this journey together, let's support each other and make the best of it.
Shine Bright!

Mia Tomatich- Class of 2024

Mia Tomatich
What are your plans after the ILC?
i'm planning on going to wenatchee valley for a welding certificate then moving far away from here to experience life as much as possible.
Do you have any advice for younger students?
Being mean to teachers is not cool or funny, make them your friends life will be so much easier if you do.
Shine bright Mia!

Amelia Evans-Class of 2024

Do you have plans for after the ILC?

My current life plan is to explore life outside the valley for a few years - finding new connections and things to create - and, before it becomes strictly millionaire territory, buy land in the valley to build a series of yurts and gardens upon!

Where do you imagine yourself in 7 years?

Living in a yurt with a cat and my friends, making art, dancing, gardening and working hard on my happiness!

Good luck Amelia!

Mariah Paz-Class of 2024

Do you have plans for after Liberty Bell?

I plan to continuing raising my son while going to The Evergreen State College and wrestling at a collegiate level.

Any advice for the younger students?

It’s so easy to pick at the negative, take a minute and ask yourself what that is doing for you. There are so many positives in life to be grateful for.

Shine bright Mariah!

Class of 2024-Kip Fritzhaberland

What season would you be and why?

I would be spring, I'm a very colorful person and helps bring life to things I'm apart of just how the colors of spring help everyone feel better and get into a better state of mind.

If you could offer advice to our younger students what would it be?

It gets A LOT better and don't get hung up on small things, its not the end of the world, it's high school.

Good luck on your adventures!