MVSD’s Choice High School


The Independent Learning Center (ILC) is a high school located in the Methow Valley. Affiliated with Big Picture Learning, endorsed by the Washington State Board of Education, serving students in grades 9-12 using a “mastery-based” approach continues to take a lead role within the Methow Valley and throughout the State of Washington, redefining how we measure student success, one student at a time.

Referred to as a “trampoline that provides a launchpad for every student”, the ILC is a school that:

  • Transitioned from a traditional approach associated with content-driven classrooms to a human-centered approach.

  • Encourages students to “leave to learn”.

  • Blurs the lines between education and the real world.

  • Empowers every student to act with purpose and passion.

More About the ILC

An innovative Big Picture Learning School with a learner-centered approach to education, our school is designed around Big Picture Learning’s 10 Distinguishers.

As an affiliate of Big Picture Learning, it is our vision that all students live lives of their own design, supported by caring mentors and equitable opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. We move forward prepared to activate the power of schools, systems & education through student-directed, real-world learning.

As with all Washington State high school students, ILC students are able to meet graduation requirements through state identified multiple Pathways for graduation. Scores from the applicable assessment pathways are recorded on their transcripts.

Want to Learn More?

Somewhat recently, Sara Mounsey, ILC Principal and Advisor participated in an interview hosted by Education Evolution where she is asked to describe student-driven learning taking place and the role of the ILC staff in supporting each and every student’s pathway forward.