ILC Student Leadership

Student Leadership at ILC

by Paige Westphal, Kayden Clapp, Mia Tomatich

Acknowledging and growing youth leadership skills is one of our main objectives at the ILC. We believe that teaching leadership skills to students can help them be in control of their voices and actions, and be excited to dive deeper into their education. At the ILC, every student has many opportunities to practice leadership skills in different ways, whether it be through internships in the community, planning and facilitating both school and larger group events, or by joining the school's ASB team. We consistently work with others in our valley, and sometimes even outside the valley, to show young leaders how one person can make a change in their community through leadership. We believe that by building a strong community in our school system, it allows both students and faculty to be vulnerable and demonstrate strong leadership skills and show others what it's like to be a leader.   

**Some examples of leadership students have done at the ILC include: **

  • Organizing and hosting an Open House at our school to expose families to ILC programs
  • Planning, organizing, and hosting a regional convening for other Big Picture Learning based school in Washington 
  • Working with Big Picture Learning executives and leaders to help educate others about Big Picture Learning and how student voices are necessary to build a positive student led learning environment.